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1000 Lakes offer natural honey from the Masurian bee farms. Pure ecosystem of the Masurian region created a friendly environment for the bees to make Polish honey of highest quality, which is appreciated for its taste and nutritious value by consumers from all over the world.


Build a strong brand that Poles could be proud of and may immediately think of 1000 Lakes, whenever they are asked to give examples of Polish companies which are famous in the world.


Honeys from 1000 Lakes come from ecological bee farms located in the cleanest agricultural region of Poland – Masuria.


The ecological production guarantees, that our honey was not diluted with water, neither the bees were fed with sugar.

The natural honey is a very rich source of nutrient substances to keep health and confidence in good condition: it has strong anti-oxidation effects, stimulates brain activity, cures cold and improves the functioning of important organs like heart, liver, stomach or intestine.

Poland is 100% free of GMO plants

Materials used in packaging are BPA-free

3rd place - IP Packaging Stars 2017 design contest


Masuria – a land of forests, great lakes and clean air is located in the northern Poland. The present landscape was formed by the melting continental glacier 15000 years ago.

It belongs to one of the purest regions in the country, because 30% of Masuria is covered with forests, heavy industry is not present and the scattered urban clusters have a reduced impact on the air quality.

The ubiquitous silence and serenity let bees to comfortably collect pure honey from the plains and forests surrounding picturesque lakes.


Our honeys are exceptionally thick, just how the nature wanted it to be. We don’t add any water to them and the nectar is collected by the bees from Masuria’s non-genetically modified plants. Our products are made in harmony with nature and ethics, making sure You can enjoy a jar of honey that is tasty, safe and good for Your health.


Elegantly-shaped containers, toned down colors and carefully tweaked graphical details make 1000 Lakes a perfect idea for a luxurious gift. A characteristic element of each container, which we fill with our honey, is a white-red Polish flag. It is a proud addition symbolizing the rich tradition of apiculture in this country.


To maintain the highest quality and food safety standards, honeys are stored in sterile glass jars designed in Italy with bisphenol-free lids.


Modern packaging guarantees, that our honey stays natural from its moment of harvesting to the filling.


Our honeys crystallize with time. It is an absolutely natural reaction and a solid proof that our honeys were not diluted with water. Honey transforms from liquid to solid form, when several months after the harvest, the particles of sugar present in the honey start to stick to each other, creating larger lumps.


During the transformation, no changes to the chemical structure of honey happens, neither it lowers the nutritious value. Consumer can be assured that honey in such state preserves full health values given by nature and because it was not diluted with water, they don’t ferment. The crystallized honey can be restored to liquid through heating it in maximal temperature of 40 Celsius degrees.



1000 Lakes cooperates only with small bee farms that focus on the quality of their honey, instead of the scale of production.

For them beekeeping is everything – it’s a passion and sometimes the only source of income. They try to live with beekeeping, but it becomes more and more difficult with each year: rise of production costs, lack of people to work, influx of cheap imported honey; sometimes natural disasters cause them to lose all their assets in the brink of an eye.


Small bee farms care for bees like if they were family members. Each one of them wants to produce only natural and healthy honeys. They treat their work as passion – during spring and summer time, bee farmers wake up with the first lights on the horizon. The only thing they want after a busy harvest season is that they could be treated with dignity for their hard work. 1000 Lakes supports small bee farms by offering them payment appropriate to their hard work.


Each jar of 1000 Lakes’ honey gives beekeepers hope for more stable income and a motivation for future to produce only natural honeys.





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