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1000 LAKES is a Polish brand of natural food. We offer local specialties from the northernmost and purest region in our country. All products are manufactured in Poland.


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Every product from 1000 LAKES is a part of Polish north-eastern culinary culture. These traditional, centuries-old products are worth promoting not just for their nutritious value, but also for their cultural heritage. If You view eating as a refined experience for Yourself, discovering our local delicacies will be a moment of excitement and inspiration for You.

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To make sure our delicacies are safe for children and pregnant women to consume, we only use packaging free from bisphenol-A.


Mazury is a nature’s sanctuary, local producers make highest quality foodstuffs, yet many of their produces are rarely available outside of the region, not to mention abroad. Fact that the glamour of local food specialties have faded in the last 30 years, make us – the food enthusiasts – heart-broken. The quality and the culinary heritage of Masurian food deserves to be preserved and promoted, so we decided to restore the popularity of the traditional local food and make them a part of contemporary lifestyle.


The land of thousand lakes


The brand 1000 LAKES draws inspiration from Mazury – a geographical region in Poland, called by natives “The Land of Thousand Lakes”. Here, on a surface that is only half the size of Netherlands, thousands of pristine lakes spread across a verdant landscape. This unique topography was formed after the last ice age 15 000 years ago, when the last of the glaciers melted completely.

Located in the northern Poland, the winter temperatures are the lowest in the country. In 30% the territory is covered with forests and the next 7% is occupied by lakes; heavy industry is not present and the region is inhabited by just 1,3 million people. All of these factors are in favor of organic farming activity.

Prussian blue is our flagship color. It symbolizes Masurian folk art, Mazury's lakes and naturality of our foodstuffs. It is a color of sophistication and nature. 

Prussian blue was discovered around 1704 in Germany, it was a popular color among Prussian aristocracy and standard color for Prussian army uniform. It was used on masterpieces by Hokusai, Monet and Picasso. By the end of 18th century, it was popularized in Mazury by Germans.

My name’s Anthony, I’m a Chinese born in Poland. I am the founder of 1000 LAKES. Before that happened, I worked in market consulting for 6 years, focusing on helping Polish food producers to enter the Chinese market.


In that time, I read dozens of clinical reports about influence of dietary habits on human’s wellbeing. One day a sudden thought appeared in the head: I realized I can make a meaningful impact on the society, if my insight on food industry would be used in a noble cause. After some time, the decision to leave the current job was settled and I started 1000 LAKES to offer my expertise to people seeking for nutritional guidance.