We are aficionados of fine food. 1000 Lakes offers regional delicacies of Mazury and Podlasie. By choosing our products, You participate in the preservation of local culinary heritage and help local food artisans to thrive.



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Each 1000 Lakes product is a part of north-eastern Poland’s culinary culture. Throughout centuries, the cuisines of Russians, Germans, Poles, Lithuanians, peasants and courts have influenced the final form of the local food. Discovering the tastes of our regional delicacies is a moment of excitement and inspiration. To ensure our delicacies are safe for children and pregnant women to consume, we only use packaging free from bisphenol-A.


1000 years, 1 heritage, 100% devotion

We’re preserving the culinary heritage of the north-eastern regions from fading into oblivion. In Poland, regional products are perceived as something old-fashioned, meanwhile in Germany or Italy they are synonymous with the nation’s spirit. In the past 30 years, local cuisine is seemingly losing its glamor in Poland – for us, the aficionados of fine food, it is a heart-breaking tendency to observe.

After the Second World War, from the terrains of north-eastern Poland – especially from Mazury – large number of local population was resettled to Germany. With their migration, memories of regional cuisine were gone. Our products remind us, that north-eastern Poland is not just a seasonal holiday destination, or merely a transit to the Eastern Europe, but it also offers variable food, which is an inseparable part of Mazury and Podlasie’s thousand years heritage. We are on our steadfast path to bring renaissance to the regional delicacies.

Our values

Products that you find under our brand are made from natural ingredients, with low content of salt and sugar, tasty and nutritious. We respect food and deeply believe, that proper eating habits make big impact on life. 1000 Lakes products are meant for daily consumption and as a gift for celebrating special moments.

What products does 1000 Lakes provide?

Regional foodstuffs, such as honeys, kvas, cheeses, cakes, mushrooms etc. New products are introduced gradually. Every product has its roots in the legends, traditions and old cooking books; to create a new product, large amount of time and energy is spent on making interviews with dieticians and historians, we visit museums, study old cooking recipes and clinical study reports, talk to locals and spend lots of time with designers who prepare packaging that charms.

Everybody benefits

By choosing our products, you participate in creating good name for Polish regional foodstuffs, the cash goes to Polish food artisans and you are purchasing healthy products for yourself and your family – and this is why: our products are made in Poland, using local, natural and wholesome ingredients. We deny using intermediate goods, concentrates or any synthetic flavor enhancers. We are supplying diplomatic posts and government institutions in Poland with gifts, which helps increase the credibility for the quality of Polish food products.

Mazury - the land of thousand lakes

The brand 1000 Lakes draws inspiration from Mazury – a geographical region in Poland, called by natives “The Land of Thousand Lakes”. On a surface that is only half the size of Netherlands, thousands of pristine lakes stretch across a verdant landscape. This unique topography was formed after the last ice age 15 000 years ago, when the last of the glaciers melted completely. Located in the northern Poland, the winter temperatures are the lowest in the country. The idyllic landscapes are made of 30% forests, 7% lakes and 50% agricultural lands; heavy industry is not present and the region is inhabited by just 1,3 million people. All of these factors are in favor of organic farming activity.

Why do you use so much blue? 

Prussian blue is our flagship color. It symbolizes Masurian folk art, Mazury's lakes and naturality of our foodstuffs. It is a color of sophistication and nature. Prussian blue was discovered around 1704 in Germany, it was a popular color among Prussian aristocracy and standard color for Prussian army uniform. It was used on masterpieces by Hokusai, Monet and Picasso. By the end of 18th century, it was popularized in Mazury by Germans.

Two words about the founder

My name’s Anthony, I’m a Chinese born in Poland. I am the founder of 1000 Lakes. Before that happened, I worked 7 years as a tour guide – I travelled across whole Central Europe with tourists from China. Because of my profession, I read a lot about Polish food culture. I was particularly fascinated with the regional products of Mazury – I like them for their uniqueness, they have their soul. Whenever I was en route to Lithuania with the Chinese tourists, each time we crossed by Mazury, I would let them try local honeys, korycinski cheese, dry cured dylewska ham, tree cakes and they all praised the flavors. Inspite of having such interesting stories and marvelous tastes, the popularity of these products in Poland is comparatively low, which always made me wonder why. I wanted to share my enthusiasm for the Masurian cuisine, that is why I made my decision to start 1000 Lakes, in order to promote and restore popularity of the north-eastern Poland’s food culture.


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